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Scroll down to get to know the RRYA staff.


Jessie and her husband Jon have absolutely loved being a part of the Red Rocks Church staff for the last 6 years. A few years ago, Red Rocks had vision and launched a college and young adults community that grew from 30 people to 100 people in their first year. Since then, Red Rocks Young Adults has just grown both spiritually and in vision. Jess believes God is truly at the center of the ministry, and has vision to see the community reach the city of Denver in new ways this year. She loves talking (obviously), playing with her boxers, long Saturdays with Jon and her baby girl Brooklyn and all things cheese. Hit her up anytime! Like she said, she loves to talk!


After deciding to attend the University of Undecided in 2007, Charlotte found herself working at Wahoo's where a co-worker told her to check out Red Rocks Church in the midst of her church hunting.  The first Sunday she attended she was hooked.  After volunteering in multiple areas from cafe, to greeting to production, she plugged in with Jess and Young Adults for 4 years.  This past year all the volunteering she did turned into a job and now she doesn't work a day in her life.  Everyday she gets to create for the work of the Kingdom and give all the glory to God.  Charlotte enjoys coffee, movies, more movies, and going on photo adventures everywhere Colorado to Iceland. 


After graduating from CU-Boulder in 2010, Doug Wekenman interned for a year with the university's college ministry called The Annex. When that was over he moved to Laguna Beach with a few friends to surf, get tan, and help start a youth ministry. Following that, he spent a year traveling the world to do mission work and produce a full-length documentary (The AC Project) with 3 of his best friends. When he got back to Colorado he became a church planter and helped found Ascent Community Church in Louisville. Now he works as a Team Lead with RRYA and loves it! He enjoys football, adrenaline, food and watching Disney movies with his new wife, Samantha. 


Connor Grim grew up in northern VA with his amazing family and incredible grandparents. After graduating from Southeastern University he moved out to Colorado and spent just over a year helping start a church in Littleton. He soon began to get involved in Red Rocks Young Adults and loves serving in every area of the church. He loves football and basketball, cooking and reading, and will gladly serve up a slice of humble pie to anyone daring enough to challenge him in NBA 2k. He hopes to one day plant and pastor a church, but enjoys every second of his time working with his friends and family here at Red Rocks.


After graduating high school and going into college, Whitney found herself pouring into her grades and career path. Never in a million years did she think God would use her in ministry until her sophomore year... Doors opened and she started interning for a college ministry in England which awoken a new passion for world travel. She also is an avid country music fan, coffee connoisseur, football fanatic and beach bum.