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SO YOU'RE COMING TO church... 

Heading to a church for the first time can be slightly intimidating, but just know that when you come to Red Rocks Young Adults for the first time, you're immediately part of the family! That being said, you probably still have some questions like; what should I wear? is there child care? How long are the sermons? Don't stress, we got you. 



What to wear

Come as you are – we will always be happy to see you! But if you’re looking for a bit of wardrobe guidance, look no further. We keep the sanctuary at 70 degrees, but you never know how the weather will change outside during the service (or if you’ll have to park a long walk away). Other than a jacket, tall-tees are not discouraged, holy jeans are considered holy, and if you care too much about the latest shoe trends, you’ll fit right in. But seriously, regardless of what you’re wearing, we’re excited to meet you.

What to bring

You’re welcome to bring your Bible and/or journal and fill your travel mug with coffee and tea at our cafe. If you don’t have a Bible, we’ve got you covered! Just stop by our Info Booth and ask one of our volunteers for a copy. Other than that, we provide the occasional post-RRYA snack or swag, so your presence is all we expect!


If you have kiddos, unfortunately we do not have kid’s care for them on Thursday nights. We believe that this environment can best be fostered for kids at our weekend services at any of our church locations. Our weekend Kids Rock team is dedicated to having age-appropriate teaching, dynamic volunteer involvement, and a safe environment for your child to learn about God!


Showing up


It’s a huge blessing being part of a growing ministry: new faces, amazing community, retreats, conferences, etc. However, there’s a downside to this growth, #ParkingProblems. Our current parking lot holds about 200 cars (when everyone parks right), and in order to get one of those coveted, close spots, we suggest that you show up 20-30 minutes before service starts. Perks of showing up early include easy walking after service, first dibs on coffee, and first pick of seats in the sanctuary. Don’t stress if you don’t get a spot in the front lot, we have other areas to park. Head to Ray Ross park down Harlan for hundreds of extra spots, or find some street parking nearby. If you do plan on finding street parking, do it legally. You will avoid a ticket and your wallet will thank you greatly. Click here to watch a helpful video on our parking situation. 


Once you’ve found your parking spot, head in! Our greeters will be eager to shake your hand and welcome you to our YA community. Grab yourself a cup of coffee (or if you’re fancy, tea) at our cafe station, head into the sanctuary, and sit wherever your heart desires! Although it’s tempting to sit in the back corner by yourself, we suggest getting closer to the front in the middle. You’ll get a better viewing experience and you may meet some new homies! 


message & worship


We might be biased, but we have a plethora of gifted worship leaders, so you’ll be blessed to hear from the best every Thursday! On average, expect one song before service and three after, but we shake it up depending on what we’re feeling. When we’re jamming, our worship vibes more along the lines of Bethel and Hillsong rather than your traditional hymns. What that means is that we love belting out big bridges and blasting that beautiful bass. Want to see if you like our worship style? Check out our worship team’s latest album, spark.


The Young Adult ministry is not lacking in preaching talent by any means- you can always count on a timely message that tunes into what our congregation needs most! Count on our messages running about 30 minutes long, but you’d never know how much time has past because you’ll be so engaged with the good word! Check out some of our previous messages to see what they look like! 


After Service

Lobby Hangouts

After you’re done belting out the last song from service, one of our leaders will get out on stage and make any final announcements for the night and send you on your way! When the night is done, sprint out of the auditorium and run straight for your car… just kidding, we advise against that. We suggest hanging out and spending some time with the congregation in the lobby. Head to our InfoBooth to learn about everything YA, sign up to volunteer, or register for our upcoming events. Talk with our Prayer team and learn more about foundations of faith and, if you need, reach out for additional prayer. Once you’re done chatting with our volunteer friends, step outside of your comfort zone and reach out to some new people. We swear they’ll be nice!

Special Events

 Every once in a while, we’ll have some fun stuff happening in the lobby, so hang out and see. We’ll host LifeGroup launches, coffee stations, food trucks, doughnut walls, holiday celebrations and more! Follow us on our social media to get updates on everything happening after service; FacebookInstagram, & Twitter.