Building Kingdom Builders

Creative team


Welcome creative friends!

For every Red Rocks Young Adults service, we have many elements that allow members to see God’s creativity in action before the message even starts. As our ministry grows, so does our need for the latest and greatest graphics! As part of our growing creative team, you will help us develop message graphic packages, social media graphics, printed materials, SWAG, and more!


Graphic work/submission

Check the design opportunities below. We are excited to see all of you work, but please know that we will only be selecting one design for each series. We will do our best to give you feedback on your design, if it’s selected or not. Throughout the series, we will also request smaller projects, so be sure to check your email for other creative requests!

Graphic Information

Sidescreen (16x9): 1280 x 720 at 300 dpi

Widescreen LED (Lakewood): 2400 x 800 at 300 dpi, center screen is 1440 x 800 with three towers on either side sized at 160 x 800

Lower Thirds (used for message slides): 16x9 (1280x720) .psd file. The parameter there is readability and opacity - we try to stay away from any blending modes, just bringing down the background image to about 80% normal opacity should do it. Typically dark background with white text.



Designs due November 26, 2018

This will be for our upcoming Christmas series we are calling KING. We are wanting to go heavy on golds, greens, and reds. We would love to make it more of the art-deco style graphic or painting (no photos unless you really think it’ll add to the design). Make sure that KING text is predominant on the widescreen graphic for the message graphic package.

Five words to describe KING: art deco, royal, gems, thrones, crowns

Colors for inspiration: Gold (#c4a240), Light Green (#447d5a), Dark Green (#032311), Red (#710f02) - do not feel limited to these colors! If you want to go a different route, please do! These are just to get the ball rolling if you need it!

We will need a walk-in/walk-out graphic package without KING text (widscreen graphic, sidescreen graphic), and a message graphic package (widscreen graphic, sidescreen graphic, lower third). When saving/submitting your graphics, please save as LAST NAME.SERIES NAME.GRAPHIC ELEMENT (e.g. ATWOOD.STANDALONE.WALK IN SIDESCREEN)