I want to be closer to God, I just have no idea how to make that happen...

Have you ever thought this? If you have, then this class is for you! The Creator of the Universe wants an authentic relationship with you. And that's not fancy church talk. it's real. YOU can be closer to God. That's what this class is all about... moving you closer to God. 

The Transit Class will cover prayer, the Bible, relationships, serving, giving, and sharing. These six "vehicles" take you closer to God than you are right now. They are simple to operate and extremely relevant to our lives today, but you'll need to learn exactly how to drive each one of them. The class itself will meet before our Young Adult service at 6pm at the Lakewood campus, and it will run for 2 weeks at a time. We will be running the class throughout the year, so if you're interested in taking the class anytime, sign up below! 

Next class start: January 25th, 2018