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A primary focus of the YA InfoBooth team is to greet and welcome first time guests. Beyond coming for the message and worship, we want these new guests to feel like they are instantly part of the family. While we gather their information, we give them details about YA, how to get involved in our ministry and in the church overall, and offer them a parting gift. 

The InfoBooth is also the place to go when current YA members want to get involved or are seeking out more information about the ministry. Our team is informed on the latest YA and Red Rocks Church news, so volunteers feel empowered when answering questions. 

Overall, our goal is simple; meet, inform, and plant everyone in the YA family. 


YA Greeters are a team of outgoing individuals who help to create a joyful, welcoming environment for those attending each Thursday. Our goal is for everyone to feel at home the instant they show up.

Being a part of this team allows for the unique opportunity of being the first impression of Young Adults, and having the privilege to impart the grace of God immediately into the lives of all who attend YA. Every person entering our home should feel loved immediately.


Our team welcomes home prodigals, literally.

Photo by johnnorth/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by johnnorth/iStock / Getty Images

At YA Connect, the wonderful volunteers are the smiles, ears and resources for both new believers and new comers of Red Rocks. We seek the 'lost' help them get involved in the church; we also look to guide them in their life walk.

We offer new believer packets that include a 30 day Devotional, a New Believers Bible (New Testament) and a copy of Shawn Johnson's book 'Transit'. Many other books and resources - even warm conversations - are available every week to everyone who stops at our table.

 YA Connect volunteers are approachable and Embrace Every ONE. 

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